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What is central heating?

Central heating systems installed by Central Heating Engineers Reading are designed to heat larger areas than other types of heaters. They work by distributing heat from a single source, usually in the form of radiators, to multiple rooms and areas. The heat radiates outwards as it’s pumped through the system. Central heating systems also tend to use more energy than other types of system. That makes them more expensive to run but can be useful in larger buildings or homes where the amount of space needing to be heated is greater.

Protected under UK law, central heating systems must meet building regulations set by the government. This ensures that all central heating systems are safe and effective when installed by a professional installer.

What is Central Heating Engineers Reading?

Central heating systems installed by Central Heating Engineers Reading are the most common method of providing heat to your home. The system usually consists of a boiler, radiators, and a hot water tank. Central heating systems use one or more boilers service to heat water into steam. This steam then passes through a system of pipes called the central heating system. In a central heated home, you can change the temperature in each room by opening or closing valves that control the flow of steam into individual rooms.

Changes in water temperature are controlled by mixing cold water with warm water from the boiler. This can be done manually by a valve in the piping leading to each radiator, or automatically by an electrically operated valve.

A hot water storage tank is included in the central heating system to provide a reserve of hot water for use during periods when there is no demand for central heating (for example, at night). The tank stores enough hot water for up to 24 hours and provides instant hot water whenever required.

In addition to providing heat, a central heating system may also be used to provide air conditioning (in cold climates) and hot water for domestic use and space heating (in warm climates).

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Central Heating Engineer Reading Replacements

If you have central heating and the boiler is old then it may be worth thinking of replacing it. An older boiler could break down any time without warning and if that happens in the middle of winter then you will struggle when it comes to staying warm and comfortable and others in your house may suffer too.

Central Heating Engineers Reading are responsible for designing, installing and maintaining central heating systems in residential and commercial buildings. They usually have at least an HND or OND qualification in mechanical engineering or a related field, as well as work experience.

Larger organisations may employ their own central heating engineers, while smaller companies may use an independent contractor.

While the remit of the job varies by company, a central heating engineer will typically:

Central Heating Engineers Reading are responsible for servicing and repairing central heating systems, boilers and radiators. They also install new central heating systems if the old ones fail to work.

If you are looking for a reliable and experienced central heating engineer to service your boiler, then you need to follow these steps:

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Frequently Asked Questions About Central Heating Engineers Reading

Are there any extra costs?

All of our Central Heating Engineers Reading are fully qualified and trained Gas Safe registered engineers, Allowing us to complete most jobs without needing parts. However, If we do need to order parts this is included in the service charge.

What do I need to know about gas safety with my central heating system?

All gas appliances need regular servicing by a Gas Safe Registered engineer. This is because gas appliances contain gas under pressure and can be dangerous if not maintained properly. A regularly serviced boiler has a longer life expectancy and uses less energy, which saves you money on your bills and helps protect the environment. Central Heating Engineers Readin recommend annual servicing.

How much does central heating installation by Central Heating Engineer Reading cost?

Prices for a complete central heating installation can vary depending on the size of your house and the type of heating. The price can also vary depending on whether you want to install a full central heating system, or just a boiler. The prices below are for guidance only, as individual quotes will differ if your home is not standard construction.


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